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It is also through Eric and Jen that we as the reader to learn about the secret, real life S. As Jen and Eric dig further into the life and work of Straka, they become threatened by the enemies of the S. The interplay of the different levels of the story make for a compelling, though sometimes disjointed read. The margin notes between Eric and Jen are also written in different colors which signify the passing of time and rereads done by them during the course of their relationship and the novel.

The final component of the novel is the array of artifacts stuck in the pages by both Eric and Jen and includes everything from postcards, multiple page letters, and a hand-drawn map on a napkin.

This is the part of the book that cannot be recreated in a digital form. The pages themselves are also worn and yellowed by time and marred with water spots and grim by the various readers before Eric kept the book for himself. They pass the book via dead drops on the academic library bookshelves until that gets too risky and then switch to an electrical box in the planetarium. They take days and sometimes weeks to have conversations within the margins of the book.

Joked about in an episode of Family Guy. American philosopher Theodore Sider proposed a solution to this paradox by considering objects from a four-dimensional perspective rather than a three-dimensional one.

If objects are thought of as a four-dimensional "river" of three-dimensional "time slices," then each "slice" could still be part of the "river" while remaining unique from one another.

In this way, an object can still be considered itself even when all of its components are eventually replaced. Another way to put it is that the essential "identity" of something can "fix itself" over time, as long as the process is gradual. One practical way to look at it is product brand refreshes.

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Therefore, after a few decades, a person will be composed of almost entirely different physical matter. A number of wooden vessels built during the Age of Sail exist to this day, but over the course of their lifespan they have had numerous refits in which timbers in disrepair or rot were replaced with new material: The first rate ship-of-the-line HMS Victory , the oldest actively commissioned warship. In a interview, one of her commanding officers LCDR John Scivier estimated that 10 to 15 percent of her hull remains original.

Unlike Constitution and Victory —which most agree are not replicas—the War of -vintage brig Niagra is more commonly considered a replica rather than the restored original.

Her third reconstruction in found that most of the wood comprising her hull was badly decayed, and so the ship was almost completely rebuilt save for various non-structural timbers which were salvaged and reused. There have been cases of multiple different automobiles each having a claim to being the "original" vehicle driven by a famous celebrity or racer, as a result of the vehicle having been broken down for parts at some point, leading to there being, for instance, one vehicle based upon the original chassis, another with the original bodywork, and a third with the original engine.

Buddhism considers every aspect of reality to be affected by this, but with a special focus on humans and our personalities, since we constantly change at a slow but steady rate. So are you the same person you were ten years ago? On a broader note, since everything is constantly changing nothing can really be said to exist or be stable, and trying to deny this or ignore it causes suffering.

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Call-by-reference passes in the location itself, which will probably work the same way unless the data in that location changes later on. So how do you tell if two variables are "the same? Happened to Douglas Adams when he visits Kinkaku-ji in Japan which he wrote about in his non-fiction book Last Chance to See , and finds that it looks suspiciously new. Each piece is another clue to solving a mystery or for beginning one.

Like the ship in Ship of Theseus , S. To look at it, any copy of Ship of Theseus seems to be the very copy Jen and Eric passed back and forth, their point of contact and silent messenger, telling each other what they felt and thought about the novel, its author, and each other.

It is an odd way to communicate, but it works for them. Jen is a well-read literature major, working in library special collections; Eric is a bitter graduate student bullied by his advisor and supported by an obscure foundation. Jen invites Eric to use email, but he believes the book is safer and its cargo of messages is too dear to abandon. The book is the haven where they fall in love and a work site where they probe the secrets of Ship of Theseus.

Their efforts to discover who Straka was and what his novel says about him turns out to be deadly serious business, impeded by fires, thefts, unscrupulous rivals, and betrayals.

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USS Constitution has been almost completely rebuilt over years, but a little bit at a time. USS Niagara was broken up and small pieces of the original ship were used to buld a new one that looks just the same. The first, and many like her are considered continuations of the same ship, while the latter, anx many like her are consideref reproductions. Where is the line?