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I, also had some problems with the edging, this is what I did: Ch 2, dc, ch 3, dc in 1st st, skip 2 sts, dc, ch 2, dc in next st 26 times, [skip the next st, dc, ch 2, dc in the next st] 4 times, skip 2 sts, dc, ch 2, dc in next st 26 times, skip the next 3 sts, dc, ch 3, dc in the ch 1 sp between the dc and sc at the end of row 41; turn.

Ch 2, dc in 1st st, 2 dc, ch 2 in next ch sp 28 times, 4 dc in next ch sp at the point , ch 2, 2 dc, ch 2 in next ch sp 27 times, 2dc in the last ch3 sp V st , dc in the top of the ch2 from row 2; turn. For some reason the Ravelry software took out my brackets.

THIS is what I did: I had a with edging row 3. Since 28 is half, I was wondering if 56 was supposed to be for the entire edging.

That makes sense to me because edging row 2 has 57 V sts. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! I finished this yesterday while in the hotel. I really admire your talent! Your pattern came to me today, and now the yarn is now sitting on my lap smiling at me. Thank you for the pattern and links.

I ordered several colors goddess is absolutely stunning of this yarn from Knit Picks. Have fun at the Knit and Crochet show! I totally love this pattern, but I cannot figure out the edging at all. Should I be putting 2 single crochet stitches in each space around? It will open up with blocking. So basically you work 2 sc in each block, square, row, or space along the edge. Question regarding row 1 of the edging. From the corner going left along my edge it looks like there are 2 horizontal bars of stitches, an open space, a vertical bar of stitches, a 2nd open space, a second vertical bar of stitches, a 3rd open space, then 2 horizontal bars of stitches.

It continues that way along the edge. Each set of ch 3, dc, ch 1, dc is a block. So as you work along the side, you can alternate between working 2 sc between the 2 dc, and around the ch at the bottom of one block, and around the second dc of the next block. Does that make sense? I hope to get the video made very soon. Hi, thanks for this gorgeous pattern.

I can see how the Blocking will be helpful when finished. For the first couple of rows it was bunching up until I watched the Video and realized what the chain 3 space was. That was extremely helpful! You slip stitch into that ch 3 space like in the video, then ch 3, dc, ch 1, dc in the same ch 3, then that brings you to the next edge where you can sl st in the ch 3 space, and start a new block. Each ch 3 sp will have a new block built up from it on the next row.

The video will make it all very clear, I think, as soon as I can get it made. So if you are doing the following 3 times slip st, ch 3, dc, ch 1, dc each is going into a new ch-3 space or are all 3 going into only one ch-3 space?

You sl st into that new block and start again to make a new block. I ordered the exact yarn and also a blue. Hope to make one for myself and a friend. About half way done with mine. Started it first so will have had good practice for the gifting one. It does look very small right now. Hoping my blocking skills are good enough to end up like yours.

Thank you for the pattern! Well mine turned out awful. Perhaps the video will clear things up. It took me a million tries to follow a pattern. It just takes practice. Can I ask a question more about the yarn than the pattern. I did not roll it into a ball before I started and I ran really short for the pattern. My question is…if I had rolled it into a ball, would it have stretched the yarn to the point that I might have had enough?

Does that make a difference? Are you planning to share a chart for this pattern? I have viewed the video link which you have thoughtfully provided; however, the woman crocheting that form of the pattern only chains 3 after the first two boxes.

Can you please have patience with me and tell me where I have gone wrong? I love shawls and wear them more than often. Loved the color and the pattern. Just finished stacking up on various yarns from Knit Pick! Beautiful yarns, never bought from them before. Happy they ship to P. Now waiting for their arrival to start the shawl. Hoping it turns out like yours! Saying hello from San Juan Puerto Rico?? Hi Tamara, I have finished the body of this shawl and am ready for the border. I think it will look much better when I block it.

By the way, I used yarnsub. Again, the blocking will tell the story. Thanks for all you do. Blocking does make a world of difference with this one! Yarnsub is a great site! Actually I have before and after blocking. But you can post them on the Moogly Facebook page! Please notify me when a video showing the edging is uploaded. I ended up making my own border for my first shawl.

I want to figure out the more intricate one shown here before I make it for a gift. I cannot send out individual emails, but it should go up on the site tomorrow morning barring technical snafus and will be linked in the weekly newsletter! I love this pattern! I have some beautiful hand-dyed dk yarn-about grams. Do you think it might work for this pattern? I was thinking that since the yarn is bigger I might get the same size shawlette without as much yardage as the fingering yarn that you used.

I got five hanks of this exact yarn as a gift, and have been struggling to find a use for them, since each one is a different color. I cannot see the blocks on the first row of edging. I am thinking it is 2 sc per block. Each of these is the edge of one block.

That makes sense, however one side turning does not look that way. In other words one row is as you say but the turn-around row is not like that. I am so upset with myself that I cannot see this. I have been crocheting for 42 years. How will we know when you post a video and when you do will you really explain this part? Les photo sont sur ma page ravelry. Encore merci pour ces merveilleux patrons Tamara … Ravelry.

Merci pour le partage…la photo est sur ravelry….. This is a stunning pattern. I just finished making one in the same colour as your.

I have some lovely silk, worsted weight yarn that I want to make this pattern in. It may take more yarn. I made one, it came out beautiful. Used a worsted weight. It is presently submitted in the local county fair! Thank you for the pattern, just started one with a little lighter yarn, bigger hook. Only have one skein of the colorway though so not sure how much further I may be able to stretch it. My best recommendation would be to look at the finished projects on Ravelry, for someone who used a different yarn for the edging, and see if they list the yardage for that yarn.

It is blocking now but I love it and I will be gifting it to a friend in need. Lorna in Scotland x joyofchicks on Ravelry. These are the specifications of the wool Name: Wraps per inch Meterage: So using the 3. It was a triangle and it was fine, and then suddenly it started getting wider faster than it was getting taller.

You can put the 2 sc between the dc sts on one row, then around the dc in the next row. Have you checked the video and charts? Thank you for the pattern. Always glad to find pretty crochet patterns since I prefer that to knitting. I have a question about the yarn used. A couple of reviewers said the yarn was scratchy feeling. How did you find the yarn? I just received my hank of Hawthorne Kettle Dyed in Blackbird for this shawl.

This is so much easier to do now that i have mastered c2c rug There are good tuts on video just google c2c! Hi Tamara, looking forward to trying another of your amazing patterns!! Tried going through comments to find answer to my question but there are far too many. I bought a super fine 1 yarn for this pattern. Seems even thinner than my fingering yarn. To place a bead on a stitch, first insert the hook through the hole in the bead, and slide the bead onto the shaft of the hook.

Slip the stitch off the needle and onto the hook, slide the bead down the hook and onto the stitch. Slip the stitch back to the needle, then knit it. Detailed directions can be found here. Placing Beads on Decreases: When a bead is to be placed on a decrease, the bead should be placed before working the decrease, as follows: For a [ssk], place the bead on the first st on the left needle.

For a [k2tog], place the bead on the second st on the left needle. For a [S2KP], place the bead on the second st on the left needle. Pattern repeats when working from charts: The set-up chart shows all stitches as knitted. In the other charts, the pattern repeat is outlined in red. Knit the stitches to the right of the outlined pattern repeat, repeat the stitches between the red lines until just enough stitches remain before the center stitch marker to finish by knitting the stitches to the left of the outlined pattern repeat.

Repeat on second side of the shawl. Directions for blocking a lace shawl may be found here. The first st of each row is slipped purlwise. Bring the yarn between the needles to the back of the work before knitting the next st.

K 17 rows, slipping first st of each row. At end of last row, turn work 90 degrees clockwise and pick up and k 7 sts along one long edge of work — this will be 1 st in each slipped st along edge, skipping first st. Remove waste yarn from CO edge, placing resulting 2[3] live sts on left needle; k these sts.

Sl 1, k1[2], work first row of Set-Up Chart, place marker, k1 tbl, place marker, work first row of Set-Up Chart, k2[3]. The markers now in place indicate the center st of the shawl. From this point until beginning the edging, k this st tbl on RS rows, and p it on WS rows. The 2[3] sts at each edge are the border sts; work these sts in garter st. Always slip the first st of each row. It is important to keep the slipped edge sts very loose, so the shawl will block properly. Work Rows of Set-Up Chart, working center st and edge sts as set.

Continue as follows, working center st and edges sts as set. Work Rows of Yucca Chart 4[12] times. Work Rows of Transition Chart. Work Rows of Agave Chart twice. Я так поняла, чтобы набрать петлю на левую спицу, нужно сначала правую спицу ввести между двумя крайними петлями и вытянуть рабочую нить, а потом надеть полученную петельку на левую спицу. Но как перекрутить их на спице??? Не смогла найти ни в начале, ни в конце статья ссылки на схему. Можете их как то разместить, чтобы была возможность их посмотреть и т.

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