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From the top drop-down menu, select Garmin. Then select your model from the Type drop-down menu example: If you get a warning below the Type field saying "No plugins found.

I expect them in: Download the installation files from the Sourceforge project page. As QLandkarte GT it will display mapsets of different resolutions and point to your current location.

Additionally it will record your location data for further use by QLandkarte GT. Other languages — Help us translate this wiki. Retrieved from " http: In the case of QLandkarte this means no detailed display of locked maps. QLandkarte will hardly be able to provide real routing for legal and technical reasons. The only routeable maps I know are the City Navigator maps. And those maps are protected by encryption. Breaking the encryption is a punishable act in most countries these days.

Apart from the legal issues you have to fill in loads of white spaces in the IMG file specification. There is next to nothing known about the routing and navigating sections. And this is a stunt even Garmin did not manage to do properly. To make a long story short: Also there is rumor that a bunch of you guys want to write an open source converter.

First check if the map combobox at the top of the map tab widget is showing your loaded map tile name. If not something went wrong while loading the tile. QLandkarte will zoom the map to fit the screen.

Some maps however do not have any elements to be drawn at a certain zoom level. To find out, place your mouse pointer at the middle of the map canvas and scroll the mouse wheel into your direction. This should increase the zoom level and should display your map at a certain level. Call it a bug - I do not know how to fix it. Once you leave QLandkarte without a crash, it will remember the last position and everything is fine. As prerequisite get yourself a copy of the Garmin protocol specification.

This is a moving target on the Garmin website. Use Google to find it. The project should build without errors. The copyright notice should open. There is quite some documentation to read in the header file. The CDevice template should have method stubs already. Most likely you will have to add some data structure. If you do it in Garmin. CUSB aims to support as many devices as possible. If you are not sure, ask the list. First you want to edit all copyright notices.

Kudos who deserves it. Try a simple waypoint download. Same width as Classic. It is the easiest to understand layout and optimized for big screens x or bigger. Street colors similar to google maps. Medium contrast - therefore bad for GPS use. Simply unpack the new. I might in future add some more info here - for right now, please read the Qlandkarte online help:. It only supports the consolidated gmapsupp. If you will, please add your opinion there as well.

I believe it would be a pity not having an open source alternative to extract small sub maps from large collections like the Europe map. Gibt es eh — allerdings als Teil einer. QLandkarte GT installieren 2. Karten downloaden von openmtbmaps. Die MB aller vorhandenen. Bei mir DE ca. In der Shell eingeben:. Warum sendest du die Karte nicht mit Qlandkarte GT? Das verwendet auch mkgmap. Geht dann bei dir keine Addresssuche? You must be logged in to post a comment.

Please support Openmtbmap by donating a few bucks. Openmtbmaps and Qlandkarte GT Linux. Tuesday December 20th, at