Инструкция impact 360

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To do this, check the rating plate at the back of the printer. Contact your dealer if the setting is incorrect. You will see the screen on the right. A list of ports available on your system will be displayed as shown on the right. Tally Dascom 4. Here you can choose whether to set the driver as the system default driver, and whether you want to print the Test Page after installation is completed. If the driver had been installed before, it would be listed in the white box on the right. Tally Dascom 7.

After installation completed successfully, you will see the message on the right. Tally Dascom 3 Paper Installation Guide The printer can handle either single sheets or continuous forms.

Single sheets, also called cut sheets, include envelopes and non-continuous, multipart forms. Continuous forms include labels and multipart forms fed into the printer using the forms tractors.

Tally Dascom There are 2 paper feed modes: Friction Feed Handling 1. Adjust the print gap lever if necessary. Align the left paper guide with the mark on the left of the single sheet feeder. Adjust the right paper guide to the width of the paper used. The meaning and application of each switch and LED are described below. This key switches the printer between online and offline states. Printing is stopped when the printer is switched to offline state. When printer is switched to online state again, printing will resume.

Tally Dascom Panel Operation There are 3 states of operation: Online, Offline and Power On. In the Online state, the keys provide the following functions: It feeds the form to the tear-off position. L2 will turn on.

Tally Dascom Slip Setup Slip media refers customized forms specific to each application. Each slip may have its own unique top margin or left margin. This is called the slip profile. The Slip setting provides a convenient way to set the printer top and left margin settings to the slip profile at the press of a panel key without the need to manually change the top and left margins, whenever you want to do your slip printing. Courier 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 CPI, Proportional 5. Roman8 Code Pages Tally Dascom Temperature Operating: Tally Dascom ESC: Page of Go.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 6 Tally Dascom Indicazioni di sicurezza importanti Italian Prima di mettere in funzione la stampante, leggere attentamente le seguenti indicazioni. Page 7 Tally Dascom Instrucciones de seguridad importantes Spanish Lea las siguientes instrucciones con esmero antes de poner la impresora en servicio. Page 8 Tally Dascom Правила по технике безопасности. Page 12 Tally Dascom Table Of Contents Tally Dascom Placing The Printer, Printer Components Tally Dascom Placing the Printer Place the printer on a solid, flat, stable surface; ensuring that the printer is positioned in such a way that it cannot move, and that there is easy access to the control panel and paper input devices.

Page 22 Tally Dascom 4. Page 23 Tally Dascom 7. Page 25 Tally Dascom 3. Printer Setting Changes Tally Dascom 5. Page 36 Tally Dascom On: Page Setup Tally Dascom Interface Setup, Advanced Setup Tally Dascom Specifies the waiting time before feeding the page to tear-off position automatically.

Page 45 Tally Dascom Margen Inf. Vertical Alignment Tally Dascom Vertical Alignment The vertical alignment function is used to resolve any vertical line misalignments in bi-directional printing. Page 48 Tally Dascom printed above. Maintenance Tally Dascom 6 Maintenance Your printer requires very little care. Page 52 Tally Dascom 4. Troubleshooting Tally Dascom 7 Troubleshooting Your printer is extremely reliable, but occasionally problems may occur.

Printer Failures Tally Dascom If paper is loaded and the paper select lever is moved to the incorrect position, the printer turns offline, and the buzzer sounds Paper select lever error continuously. Page 59 Tally Dascom Bitmap Fonts: Page 60 Tally Dascom Page 62 Tally Dascom Temperature Operating: Page 68 Tally Dascom Graphic 1 Graphic Page 85 Tally Dascom Abicomp Roman Далее нужно обновить страничку - нажать на клавиатуре F5.

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The fins not only provide drag stabilization, but are designed to impart a slow rotation to the grenade. A crosswind will tend to exert pressure on the stabilizing fins, causing the projectile to turn into the wind. While the rocket motor is still burning, this will cause the flight path to curve into the wind. Similar to a recoilless rifle the RPG-7 has no noticeable recoil, the only effect during firing being that of the sudden lightness of the launcher as the rocket leaves the tube.

The weapon was a program of record in U. Manufacturer specifications for the RPG-7V1. This was, in turn, countered by mounting barbed wire bundles or sections of chain link fence , supported by two or three "U" shaped engineer stakes, in front of the vehicle as a portable stand-off defense.

In Mogadishu, Somalia, rocket-propelled grenades were used to down two U. Army Black Hawk helicopters in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type 69 variant in use. Large stocks held as secondary ATW. Used by Pakistan Army and paramilitary forces of Pakistan.

Used by the Polisario Front.