Huawei ft2050 инструкция

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The telephone cable is not included. Vertical Mounting Fix two wall screws into the wall with the screw heads extending approximately 0. The diameter of a screw head should be between 0. The distance between two screws should be 3 inches. General Functions Powering on the Device Press the button to power on the device. When the device is on, the power indic tor will be blue. Press and hold the button for 1 second to power off the device.

Understanding the Indicators The table be low de Making Calls Before making a call, make sure at least one signal strength indicator is lit up or blinking. Place a call by entering the desired telephone number. The number will be dialed automatically.

Hang up or return the phone to the receiver to ensure that you can receive calls. Receiving Calls Lift the handset or press "talk" to answer an incoming call. During a power outage, you can make or receive calls with the back up battery provided that your home phone does not rely on an external power source.

Troubleshooting I am not getting a dial tone on my handset. Ensure that the powe r adaptor is properly connected refer to page 5 of the User Manual and tha t the power indicator is illuminated refer to page 8 of the User Manual. Can I use my telephone answering device instead of voice mail?

The battery is low and must be charged. Install the UIM card as shown in the following figure. Connecting to the Power Adapter Generally, the FWT sources its power from the line power supply using the power adapter. Use only the compatible charger delivered with this FWT model. Using chargers for other device models or provided by other manufacturers may invalidate the warranty or cause a dangerous malfunction.

Checking the Signal Strength Power the FWT on and wait until some signal strength indicators turn on or until you hear a dial tone. Then you can check the signal strength. If all the signal strength indicators remain off, the FWT may be faulty or the network may not cover the area where you are using the FWT.

To solve this problem, contact your service provider. If you hear the confirm tone "toot", you have successfully set the volume level. If you hear the dial tone again, the FWT has returned to the off-hook state, and you can proceed to configure other settings. For details about the network connection settings, contact your service provider. The success rate of sending or receiving faxes depends on network conditions.

If the battery is installed, the problem may result from low battery power. Please follow the instructions included in Sections 2 and 3 of this User Manual to install, activate, and use your Home Phone device.

Introduction Package Contents The package should contain the following items. Cellular Customer Care at if any of the items are missing or damaged. The figures in this document are provided only for your reference. The device that you have purchased may differ from that shown. Installing the Antenna Power the device off. Connect the indoor antenna to the antenna port as shown in the following figure, and screw on the antenna until it is securely connected.

Power the device off, connect one end of the power adapter to the DC input port and the other to an A. Connecting the Device to a Telephone The device provides two telephone ports. The ports provide connection to a single telephone number assigned to the device by your service provider. Do not plug the device into your telephone wall jack. Mounting the Device Horizontal Mounting Place the device on a smooth surface with cool air and good ventilation.

Keep the device at least 4 inches away from other objects. Vertical Mounting Fix two screws into the wall. The screw heads extend about 0. General Functions Powering on the Device Press the button to power on the device. When the device is on, the power indicator will be blue. Press and hold the button for 1 second to power off the device. Activating the Device If your device has not yet been activated, please follow the steps below: While on the first call, dial the number of the second party.

If the second party does not answer, press the FLASH key twice to end the connection and return to the first party. Using Voice Mail The voice mail indicator will blink blue to indicate that you have one or more unheard voice mail messages. Follow the instructions to and manage your voice mails.