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Subclasses may override in order to provide a custom subclass of SpringApplication Parameters: The SpringApplication instance Since: The parent is run first with the same arguments if has not yet been started.

Any parent that has been configured will be run with the given args. Default args and environment are copied down into the child, but everything else is a clean sheet. Default args and environment are copied up into the parent, but everything else is a clean sheet.

A side effect of calling this method is that the current application and its parent are started without any arguments if they are not already running. To supply arguments when starting the current application and its parent use sibling Class[], String A side effect of calling this method is that the current application and its parent are started if they are not already running.

Auto-detected based on the classpath if not set. Defaults to true to prevent java icons appearing. Multiple calls to this method are cumulative.

If a custom class loader is needed, this is where it would be added. Any listeners that are also ApplicationContextInitializer will be added to the initializers automatically. Simple example of a context hierarchy: Sets the Banner instance which will be used to print the banner when no static banner file is provided. Bean name generator for automatically generated bean names in the application context.

Returns a fully configured SpringApplication that is ready to run. Not much for you to do here but wait. This may take awhile, and keep in mind the fewer scripts you enable the quicker it will be. After it is finished it should come up in a VM for you to look at and test. When the USB install interactive parts come up you will receive a few informational OK windows you have to dismiss.

After the format is finished ok past it and the Grub4DOS installer should appear. Choose your drive, then hit install. Saving out the logs into HTML format is helpful to make them easier to read, and you get to see which path variable points to where, this is very helpful when you try to make your own scripts.

If you forgot to save them look in the logs folder to see information logs from previous builds HTML format in 7-Zip archives. Adding plugins is easy enough In some cases you may receive only the script part of the file, this is especially the case when it comes to commercial software where it would be copyright infringement to pack the binaries with the script.

When I make my own plugins, I prefer to not include binaries in the script as a base64 encoded blob, but to keep them separate in their own directory. This makes it easier for me to update just the binaries without having to touch the script, though I suppose it makes the app folder look messier. Also take note of the Level variable. Level sets when the script will be ran, with 1 being ran before 2 and so forth. One of my biggest issues with WinBuilder is finding the scripts in an orderly fashion.

A script may have been written for another project, but will work in yours, or it may not. You really have to just try and see. For the time being, here are some usefully links for tools to add: You may want to search yourself later for newer versions. He also seems to be keeping an up-to-date Firefox script here: They seem to be designed to work with MultiPE Leopard v2 SP1 which it seems you can build from Vista or Windows 7 sources but they may work fine in other projects as well.

You may also want to just download MultiPE http: He has a bunch of scripts to his credit. Some projects, like Wireshark and Tor, even provide their own portable apps: Here are some other useful features to looks at: Under debug, you will find several tools that let you edit your WinBuilder image after it has been created. Sometimes this is just easier than making your own script for something and recompiling the whole project. Another thing you will want to look into is saving your work.

The easiest way is to do the following: Hope you found this information useful, I may expand it over time. If you have any problems feel free to email somebody else. Printable version of this article 15 most recent posts on Irongeek. Based on Vista of course NaughtyPE: Tools has various interfaces for editing and creating new scripts. Windows 7 x86 32bit or x64 64bit media I use the 32bit version of Windows 7 as my source for driver reasons, but build my media on a box that is running the 64bit version.

WinBuilder of course http: Ok, now we need to grab one extra little file.